XAMPP MySQL shutdown unexpectedly

XAMPP MySQL shutdown unexpectedly

Most of the times it happens because we add a huge list of data into the database table and thus it’s unable to handle it. In this situation, if MySQL shutdown unexpectedly every time, then I would recommend you to follow these steps:

NOTE: Don’t delete the ibdata1 file.

Step 1: First go to your XAMPP / mysql folder, and then rename the data folder to __data

Step 2: Create a new data folder under the same directory.

Step 3: Copy all the files and folders from the backup folder and paste them inside the new data folder.

Step 4: Now copy all the database folders(please do not copy the database folder which is causing the issue) from the __data to data folder(skipping the performance_schema, mysql and phpmyadmin folders from __data)

Step 5: Finally copy the ibdata1 file from __data and replace it inside data folder.

Step 6: Now restart the XAMPP control panel