5 ways to make WordPress website more appealing to your clients

Well, there is surely no reason to worry about it, as WordPress, an open source platform lets you to create attractive websites free of cost. Also, there are some boundaries in the free version, but that’s absolutely fine for the startup, once you are quite balanced in your domain, then you can start making plans to change the free WordPress website and make it a full-fledged website by adding tons of other functionality. It would be better if you hire a company/firm for such things.


Start creating your self-hosted website:

  1. Select awesome theme- Free WordPress themes are common and there is no uniqueness, so potential clients who visit your website would come to know in no time that you didn’t do any efforts to give the website an individual touch. The first step is to choose a unique theme available in WordPress, you have to look around a little bit harder to get the best theme that suits your business. There are so many free wordpress themes available so select the one you think fits your business, and preview it, this way you can get the proper idea of how the WordPress theme would look. If you are interested of spending a certain amount, then it is recommended to purchase a premium WordPress theme, so the web designer can customize accordingly. Paid themes are way better than the free themes, as they provide to so many widgets and plugins which is not available on any free themes.

  3. Responsiveness- Responsive website demands are on high nowadays. Large numbers of online shoppers are visit various websites on their mobiles or tablets. The idea of remaining ecommerce website only on desktops is becoming outdated. Thus, to reach the huge traffic on other devices as well as desktops, it’s very much recommended to use a Responsive theme. If you have no idea how to check whether a theme is responsive or not, then just run it on other devices to see if it fits screen sizes or not.

  5. Get a domain name- A free WordPress themewill set you some of the limitation of running your website within a subdomain of WordPress. For example, if your website name is xyz.com, while using a free WordPress site your URL would become like this- xyz.wordpress.com. To get rid of it, you have to buy a custom domain name. It will help you to leave a good impression on the clients who visit your website. Secondly, it means that you are in genuine and serious business and not just running a common website.

  7. Create a logo- Make your own logo that will represent your profession or business. A logo is an necessary part of brand identity, so find a professional web designer who can help you with creating a logo to build a strong online identity. Once you upload your logo in the WordPress website, the logo has to be included in every comment you make in post or blogs to generate good amount SEO. If you are not technically sound, then you can create with the help of online softwares, or you can contact us.

  9. Show your contact info- A site should contain useful information like email, phone number, address and a contact form, that helps a visitor to find out answers to all their queries. Preventing clients from visiting your website and getting away without taking any action won’t be profitable for your website or business. So make sure to add all the latest information about company, your services, and every essential information that can help the visitor.